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Canada Car Insurance Quote - How Anti-Theft Devices Help Reduce Premiums

When people shop for a Canada car insurance quote they remember to discuss with their agent the obvious factors that can reduce their car insurance premiums like driver training, dropping collision from older cars, driving back and forth to work, however when getting a Canada car insurance quote many forget to mention anti-theft devices they may have to protect their vehicle. By not mentioning anti-theft devices you could be leaving behind some additional discounts.

Auto theft costs are huge, they cost Canadians approximately 1.2 billion a year when you add up legal bills, insurance costs, not to mention health care costs for those thefts which involve injuries. Obviously it is in our best interest and the interest of the insurance companies to take the steps in providing anti-theft devices that will help reduce these costs and let's face it any sort of car insurance discount means money kept in your pocket!

There are three general categories for anti-theft devices, understanding these will help you when you are shopping for a Canada car insurance quote:

1. mechanical - in a nut shell these are devices that are used to restrict the movement of the steering wheel, so that your car can't be driven. The mechanical device we are all familar with would be the steering wheel locking bars.

2. alarms - they deter theives from stealing you car by using sirens and flashing lights. All of us have either experienced our alarm going off at three am in the morning or have had a neighbour's go off.

3. electronic - these are immobilizers which will cut off the power to the ignition system preventing the vehicle from starting,

All three are common devices and it is the electronic immobilizers which have been made mandatory in Canada.

These three anti-theft devices can be broken down again into two categories:

Active devices - where you have to physically turn them on yourself to activate them

Passive devices - these are devices which are engaged when you turn the car off and remove the key

Passive devices are deemed by Canada car insurance companies as the most effective because they don't have to rely on human activation to turn them on and it is these ones that provide you a discount.

Another anti-theft device which may be considered by the Canadian car insurance companies is vehicle etching. Vehicle etching provides a small decal in the corner of the windown on your car with a tracking number. There are also etchings in various places throughout the vehicle that are not as readily noticeable.

When you are calling with respect to your Canada car insurance quote, make a note of what your car already has in the way of anti-theft devices and make it a point to mention ALL of them specifically to your agent. If you're buying a new car check with your sales person and ask them what anti-theft devices are inherent in your vehicle. Engine immobilizers are a given, but ask your car sales person if your new car has vehicle etching, wheel locks or any other anti-theft devices you can take advantage of.

The one last thing you NEED to DO is ASK. When you are shopping for a Canada car insurance quote, know what anti-theft devices you have ahead of time and ask your auto insurance agent what discounts you receive as a result of having these anti-theft devices. If you are shopping using the internet and getting a Canada car insurance online quote make sure that you answer the question about anti-theft devices. When you get your car insurance quote comparisons and are making the calls, DON'T FORGET to ask about them.

Don't assume that you will get these discounts or they are already applied. ASK AND MAKE SURE!


Dennise Ryder writes from her home in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Get more car insurance facts, tips and hints. Canada car insurance premiums differ by $900, are you getting the best rates? Make sure get a Canada car insurance online quote

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