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Car Insurance Facts, Tips and Hints - Does Colour Matter


When customer's come into the dealership and we are talking about car colour, a good majority of people ask me if colour affects their insurance rates and premiums. When it comes to Canada car insurance facts, tips and hints it's a fact that colour has no impact on your car insurance rates or premiums.

Out of curiosity I did do a search to see what were the most popular colours for the 2007 model year and according to a survey done by PPG Industries (the leader in providing vehicle coatings) this is how the colour popularity breaks down:

22 per cent silver
16 per cent white
15 per cent black
13 per cent red
12 per cent blue
10 per cent were earth tones like gold, orange or brown tones
6 per cent were specialty colours
5 per cent green

As new model years bring new colour selections for vehicles but still doesn't have an affect on your Canada car insurance quotes or premiums.

Still not convinced colour doesn't matter?

If you are still having doubts about colour and if it has a bearing on your Canada car insurance quotes take notice when you shop car insurance rates. As you are going through and requesting car insurance quotes they ask you for your driving history, the type of car you are looking at possibly insuring but they don't ask you for the colour. That's a good indication that when getting a Canada car insurance quote, colour doesn't have an impact on your insurance premiums!

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